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Our breakfast is freshly prepared daily.

We use only the best ingredients.

Quality and freshness is our recipe.

Served till 6.00pm
All served with your choice of white or granary toast with butter unless marked with a (*)

Traditional Breakfast 

Cumberland sausage, baked beans, hashbrown, black pudding, rashers of bacon, grilled mushroom, fried egg & grilled tomato

London Breakfast 

2 Cumberland sausage, rashers of bacon, grilled mushroom, double fried egg, black pudding, baked beans, bubble & squeak


Cumberland sausage, double fried egg, rashers of bacon & baked beans


Grilled Spanish Chorizo sausage, double fried egg, homemade borlotti beans, chunky homemade guacamole, salsa sauce,

cream cheese served with tortilla bread with roasted cherry tomato


Veggie Breakfast 

2 Veggie sausage, bubble & squeak, grilled mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine, baked beans & double fried egg

The Healthy

Scottish smoked salmon slices, avocado with mixed seeds & nuts, scrambled eggs, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes on the vine & sautéed spinach 

Halloumi Breakfast

Grilled halloumi, asparagus, tin plum tomatoes, double fried egg, grilled mushrooms & misto olives

Taste of Turkey

Mediterranean spicy beef sucuk, feta cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, grilled halloumi cheese, fried egg, misto olives, honey melon, cucumber, sundried apricots & walnuts, butter & honey dip

Jungle & Sea*

Two fluffy pancakes with cream cheese spread, topped with Scottish smoked salmon & chives, partnered with curly fries, scrambled egg, roast cherry tomato, grilled asparagus & borlotti beans

Elephant’s Dream*

Turkey rashers, asparagus, portobello mushroom, double fried eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, toasted brioche bread served with peanut butter, maple syrup & honey melon



Mediterranean style, beef or chorizo sausage, double egg in tomato pepper sauce served with artisan sourdough bread

Amy’s Breakfast

Red onion chutney spread on toasted brioche bread topped with grilled goats cheese, rashers of bacon, fried egg, Cumberland sausage, hashbrown, halloumi cheese & honey roasted ham


Oats, mixed berries, mixed seeds & nuts, cinnamon & honey

Rise 'N' Shine 

Greek style yoghurt, topped with granola, mixed berries, honey & dried apricots

Gourmet Toast

Eggs Florentine
French Toast & Avo Smash : The Lost Elephant's Kitchen .jpg

Avo Smash

Crushed avocado mixed with feta cheese topped with poached eggs, chilli flax, pomegranate pieces, mixed seeds & nuts served on artisan sourdough bread

Land & Sea

Crushed avocado, smoked salmon, poached 

eggs, chilli peppers, dill, mixed seeds & nuts served on artisan sourdough bread


Fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, onion,

green pesto sauce, olive oil & mozzarella served on a slice of sourdough bread

French Toast

Cinnamon brioche bread served with fresh berries, maple syrup, mixed seeds & nuts, dressed with icing powder

Chicken Crumble

Gucamole inspired sauce spread on artisian sourdough bread topped with chicken escalope, served with double poached eggs & dressed with mixed seeds & nuts

Scrambled Royal

Scottish smoked salmon served on toasted sourdough bread topped with scrambled egg



Everything Egg

Eggs Benedict

Toasted French brioche loaf, honey roasted ham or bacon, topped with poached eggs,

hollandaise sauce & dressed with pieces of dill 

Eggs Royale

Toasted artisan sourdough bread, Scottish smoked salmon topped with poached eggs, 

hollandaise sauce dressed with chives & lemon

Eggs Florentine

Toasted French brioche loaf, baby leaf 

spinach, topped with poached eggs, 

parmigiano & hollandaise sauce dressed with pomegranate pieces

Lost Elephants Benedict

Toasted artisan sourdough bread, grilled marinated chicken topped with poached eggs, 

hollandaise sauce, pomegranate pieces & dill


Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelette 


Honey Roasted Ham & Cheddar Cheese Omelette

Spanish Omelette

Red peppers, peas, potato, onion, 

mushroom & cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella Omelette 

Buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto 

& grilled cherry tomato

 El Classico Omelette

Chorizo, peppers, onion & potato



Insalata Ceasar

Grilled chicken, cos lettuce, croutons, cherry 

tomato & parmesan with classic caesar 


Warm Goat Cheese Salad

Grilled goat cheese escalope, roast peppers, crispy bacon, walnuts, sundried tomatoes, 

avocado & mixed lettuce served with pesto 


Greek Salad

Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, mixed leaves, olives with the pit, onions, lemon juice, oregano dressed with olive oil & pomegranate sauce

Elephant's Greens

Mixed leaves, grilled halloumi, walnuts, chopped apples, avocado dressed with olive oil & pomegranate sauce

Smoked Avo

Mixed leaves, Scottish smoked salmon, avocado,mozzarella, cherry tomato, red onion dressed with olive oil, lemon, dill & chia seeds


The Meaty

Scrambled egg, bacon, sausage with 

BBQ sauce

Smoked Salmon

Scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese, 

avocado, mixed salad, lemon juice & 

black pepper

The Halloumi

Grilled halloumi, tomato, lettuce & mayo

Avo Wrapped

Smashed avocado served with mixed 

salad & lemon juice

Chicken Wrap

Chicken filet marinated in house sauce, wrapped with salad & mayo

Veggie Wrap

Red peppers, aubergine, courgette, with cream cheese


All served with chips

Beef Burger

Homemade beef patty, red raw onion, 

lettuce, tomato & gherkin

Chicken Burger

Marinated chicken breast, red raw 

onion, lettuce, tomato & gherkin

The Lost Burger

Ciabatta bread served with chicken escalope

burger, red pesto, buffalo mozzarella, 

parma ham, tomato & lettuce

Boss Burger

Scottish beef burger, double bacon, fried egg

Halloumi Burger

Grilled halloumi & mushroom served with 

green pesto sauce


Veggie Burger

Add extra Bacon, Parmaham, Chorizzo, Cheese or Fried Egg 

The Chefs Special

Marinated tender chicken shish, rice & salad

Penne Carbonara

Italian penne pasta, creamy carbonara sauce, pancetta (bacon), egg yoke dressed with chives, crushed black peppers & D.O.P

Something Bigger


Spaghetti Bolognese

Italian spaghetti, minced beef meat in 

   traditional rich tomato sauce 

Penne Al Pollo

Grilled chicken, mushroom, onion,

avocado & pesto sauce

Salmon Penne

Scottish smoked salmon cooked with italian penne pasta, roasted onion, double cream, white wine, dressed with chives & dill

Lasagne Classica

Traditional Italian house meat sauce & 

bechamel sauce finished with parmigiano

Chicken Milanese

Chicken escalope, penne pasta with 

pomodoro sauce served with a side of 

mixed salad



All pancakes are served with
whipped cream & icing powder 

The Meaty American

Rashers of bacon, cumberland sausage,

fried eggs, maple syrup

Very Berry

American style stacked pancakes topped

with mixed berries, maple syrup

Naughty Nutella

American style stacked pancakes topped

with nutella, selection of seasonal fruits

Oreo Pancakes

American style stacked pancakes topped

with nutella, selection of seasonal fruits

For our full menu & daily specials please come & visit us :)

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