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Our Story  
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When the owners of a largish, greyish elephant had realised it was missing they decided to create a place that could help guide her home.

As she enjoyed to eat and preferred a green environment they thought it best to create a kitchen dedicated to the things she loved to eat & a space that conjured the imagery of the tropics.

And thus, the foundation for

The Lost Elephant's Kitchen was born.



Okay, okay so we wish this story were a true story, however it is just a story. (or is it?) To some extent there is some truth to behind the story. 


 The Lost Elephant's Kitchen stemmed from the interest of a poster that the owners saw on the wall for a missing elephant. It is said that the poster was an advert for a circus act from many years ago, however coincidentally the previous owners of The Lost Elephant's Kitchen formally known as Inhabition) had adopted an elephant in Africa.  The story, as it goes is that they had one day received a phone call telling them that their elephant had gone missing in Kenya. 

But, whatever the real story behind the poster is, we absolutely love being adventurous with the potential idea of where it originates from.


That’s not the only story of elephants leading astray. There is also the story of the two elephants, Ida & Palm who in the spring of 1884, escaped the circus at Kentish Town. They wandered the streets of High Gate Road, continuing their tour of London and finally finishing their trip at Pemberton Terrace where they were 


You can find the full story on:

There is a wonderful history of elephants in London & we love there playful & adventurous nature & reflect these traits in our work ethics

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